Restless by nature, detail-oriented, has more than 15-years of experience in international language tourism, for which he has travelled all over the world to disseminate the Spanish language and culture. His trips around the world made him realise all the values Spain has to offer: beautiful and different landscapes, its history, its vast culture, its rich gastronomy, diverse peoples…

Former co-founder of Unforgettable Spain, now embarks onto his own entrepreneurial journey from Sevilla.

Nothing pleases him more than discovering new destinations, taking care of travellers, and enjoying our exquisite gastronomy accompanied by a delicious glass of local wine. Let's toast together 🍷


If you are a discerning traveller looking for privacy & fine service in Spain, we are your reliable private travel connoisseur for you.


When we think of “Private Travel”, we usually imagine flamboyant and very elaborated travel plans. But sometimes, the simplest things are often the most genuine. What really makes the difference in a Private trip is the personalised attention & tailored hospitality you get from your trusted travel connoisseur and the authentic local people you meet along the way.


Here are some suggestions for Bespoke Special Moments in Spain, curated by us:

  • UNIQUE ART TREASURES, discovering the Jewels of Spain; Private Palaces, Museums & Monuments with our art curators.
  • ENJOYING THE BEST TAPAS IN THE WORLD, you won’t feel like a local in Spain until you enjoy a great Tapas Experience with our food Connoisseurs.

  • MEETING THE FINEST ARTISANS IN SPAIN, Spain has as much history as craft tradition. We invite you to discover the influence of the local Spanish artisans in our cities.

  • HIGH-END SHOPPING TOURS, Spend the day in style, discovering unique shops with our expert personal shopper.

  • WINES WITH SOUL, indulge yourself in an exclusive wine tasting session in a private family-run winery.

  • DISCOVERING SECLUDED SINGULAR PROPERTIES, Make yourself comfortable and feel privileged by enjoying a special celebration in a unique secluded property in Spain.




Let me help you discover unique places, introduce you to the best restaurants and guide you to find hidden gems of Spain!


'French word meaning: A person who has special knowledge or appreciation of a field: Art, Food, Restaurants, Hotels, Luxury Travel Experiences.'

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We want our travellers to feel unique from the very first day by connecting with the true Spanish Soul.